Find the Best Fall 2022 Activities in Garland at Oakridge Plaza

Fall 2022 is here, and it’s time to enjoy it. See what Oakridge Plaza can add to your family’s Fall 2022 activities in Garland. You never know what you can discover for your next fun activity. Let us show you how. Stop by today for fun Fall 2022 activities in Garland at Oakridge Plaza:

Oura Is The First Place To Try For Fall 2022 Activities in Garland

At Oura, your family can shop till they find that perfect thing they need. The stones offer the healing you’ve needed for life. It’s a way to bring whatever you’re looking for to your life. The jewelry is gorgeous, and your energy will feel the difference. It’s easy to make your family’s life energy flow naturally with a little help from the artists at Oura.

GameStop Brings The Fun To Your Family

If you’re like most families, your kids probably play video games. You might love them as well. If that’s the case, then GameStop is another place you should consider for your Fall 2022 activities in Garland. They have the games and consoles available for a gaming night that’s sure to make your family happy. Ask about their power program. You’ll get credit for each purchase. It gives you discounts and gifts galore.

Boba Heaven Makes Your Day Complete

Don’t forget to stop at Boba Heaven afterward for a sweet treat to make your family’s day complete. They have so many choices to make your family happy. They offer slushies too. There are several flavors to choose from for a cool treat. Add popping add-ins to your creation for a neat effect. It’s a pop of flavor.

All these choices are waiting for you at Oakridge Plaza. Bring your family to enjoy a fun day of activities for Fall 2022. Add a new flow of energy with a dash of fun. Looking to enjoy fall in Garland? Check out our directory today! 

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